Founded in 1903, Bishop's Stortford Bowling Club

is one of the three oldest flat green bowling clubs

in Hertfordshire.

Results -

EHBL 2019 Fixtures & Results


SWIFTS – Div 2

Wednesday 1st May

WGC Lions (Home)

Won on 1 Rink, Lost on 1 Rink, Lostn overall – 2pts

Tuesday 7th May

Sele Farm (Home)

Won on both rinks – 6pts

Monday 13th May

Allenburys (Away)

Won on 1 Rink, Lost on 1 Rink, Won overall – 4pts

Tuesday 21st May

Buntingford Bears (Home)

Result – pts

Monday 3rd June

Rosedale (Home)

Lost on both rinks – 0pts

Wednesday 19th June

Datchworth Blue (Home)

Result – pts

Wednesday 26th June

Ware Maltsters (Home)

Result – pts

Monday 1st July

Welwyn Bucks (Away)

Result – pts

Monday 8th July

Whithern Blue (Home)

Result – pts

Friday 19th July

Ware Wolves (Away)

Result – pts

Monday 29th July

Bengeo Blue (Away)

Result – pts

Tuesday 30th August

Hertingfordbury (Away)

Result – pts

Tuesday 6th August

Hertford Castle (Home)

Result – pts

Tuesday 13th August

Welwyn Stags (Away)

Result – pts

Monday 19th August

BSP (Home)

Result – pts

Wednesday 8th May

Sawbridgeworth Blues (Home)

Won on 1 Rink, Lost on 1 Rink, Won overall – 4ts

Wednesday 15th May

Hertiford Knights (Away)

Won on both Rinks – 6pts

Tuesday 30th June

Shire Park (Home)

Result – pts

Thursday 6th June

Hertford (Away)

Result – pts

Monday 5th June

Much Hadham Eagles (Away)

Result – pts

Tuesday 18th June

Ware Cavers (Home)

Result – pts

Monday 25th June

Datchworth Gold (Home)

Result – pts

Thursday 27th June

Cheshunt (Home)

Result – pts

Wednesday 10th July

Stevenage Red (Away)

Result – pts

Monday 15th July

Rosehill Badgers (Home)

Result – pts

Thursday 18th July

Parkside (Away)

Result – pts

Thursday 1st August

WGC Tigers (Home)

Result – pts

Wednesday 7th August

Northaw & Cuffley (Away)

Result – pts

Tuesday 13th August

Rye Park (Away)

Result – pts

Wednesday 23rd August

Sawbridgeworth Reds (Away)

Result – pts



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